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December 18, 2016

By: Katie Pickett of

Once we become moms, weird, gross and unusual experiences start becoming the normal. Spit up in your hair? That's the new mommy styling mousse, haven't you heard? It’s astounding the things that don't seem to phase me anymore. Just the other day, when my toddlers were seemingly playing quietly, I found them licking the walls and biting the furniture. Apparently they were pretending they were lions. Do lions lick walls? Apparently yes in my world. We start pocketing these interesting stories to share with other moms, and I have one that happened on a very long flight with my then 16 month old, and my pregnant belly. It’s one of those, "is this really happening?" moments we can all relate too. 

I was pregnant with our second boy and flying for over 7 hours with our very busy 16 month old. I was well prepared with bottles, water, juice, toys and books, hoping I would be able to contain him for the first flight of 2.5 hours. It was a completely full flight, and my toddler, pregnant belly and I were wedged into one middle seat, on the very back of the plane. Literally the last row, and right next to the bathrooms. There were two men on either side of us, so as I sat down, I was already nervous for what was in store. 

Baby on Airplane

As we took off into the air, the window only entertained my little guy for all of about 22 seconds. I pulled out toys, snacks and books, but I was only able to keep him still for maybe 20 minutes. Once we were allowed, I literally had to walk him up and down the aisle of the plane, bumping into everyone and attempting to keep this busy toddler from grabbing people. I let him walk until I felt like we were too much. I pulled out the bottle. He loved his bottle, so I just kept refilling to keep him still. I was tired, and I didn't want to fight with him to not climb on our neighbors anymore. Finally, we were headed into our descent, but there was turbulence. 

Whenever I am pregnant, I get motion sickness. I have to be the driver. The turbulence was not good. I started getting very nauseous, and I needed to lay down. Luckily, the man on the window side offered to hold my wild toddler (he must've really felt sorry for me to offer!) while I asked the guy on the other side of me to lay my head on him. So here I am, laying on some guy I don't know, while another very nice man is holding my child. I couldn't move or talk. I had to just lay still, so I wouldn't throw up. Meanwhile, the toddler's diaper is getting fuller and fuller, and ultimately leaking all over the man because of all the bottles I gave him. As the plane hit the ground, he handed him back to me and said, "I think he's wet..." He wasn't wet. He was soaked. through his diaper and through his pants. He basically peed all over the guy. I couldn't do anything but say, "Oh gosh sorry..." then manage to grab our gear and walk off the plane as fast as I could. 


It was one of the worst experiences I've had, but also one of the funniest. That poor man! He was trying to help me, and ended up with a child peeing all over him. I've found that since being a mom, strangers naturally look at me and want to help. I get a lot of offers (or maybe I just look desperate all the time). But, these poor strangers aren't used to the amount of unexpected experiences we moms are accustomed too. Its astonishing the things that will happen when you have kids, and the stories we have to share as moms. Thank goodness we have each other to help us feel better in these moments of pure shock - when you can't believe what is happening, is actually happening! 

You can read more of Katie’s great work on her blog,, or visit her on Instagram or Facebook

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