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November 13, 2016 2 Comments

Sounds familiar?

Winter is coming, and while the prospect of snow seems exciting at first, eventually it becomes a headache that you have to deal with, especially if you have little children at home. With schools almost closing for the holidays, finding ways to entertain your kids is a top priority. We all know that children tend to misbehave or throw tantrums when they are hungry, lonely, or bored. Additionally, being cooped up at home all day as a result of cold weather encourages cheeky behavior because kids are not as engaged as they usually are in school. Your list of fun-filled activities is short, and you’re lost for ideas. What to do?   

A little creativity and a bit of inspiration go a long way in helping find fun activities for the cold weather. Rather than having them play video games and watch television all day, here are a couple of ideas for activities to brighten up those gloomy days: 

  1. Take a walk

If your kids have a seemingly infinite supply of energy, it might be time to strap on their snow boots and wrap them in the warmest clothing for a winter walk. If they should need some convincing, bribing them with a little hot cocoa or a promise of warm milk and cookies should do the trick. While outside, you can also have a snowball fight, which is an excellent way to release excess energy. The fight will tire them out, and it will also give you an opportunity to cuddle together once you return to the house.



  1. Food Fun!

Help your children decorate and prep their food by creating food faces together. The meal, which can be a simple sandwich or a yummy treat, allows you to bond with your children. Teaching them to make some of their favorite treats also distracts them and it makes them feel important. Best of all, even picky eaters will want to taste their own food creations!

       3. Whip out the craft supplies!

Simple arts and craft activities are always fun and exciting. With the holidays coming up, you can improve your children’s level of creativity by having them create cute holiday cards for family and friends. Alternatively, you can create snow art together with inexpensive materials such as cotton balls, or even make a snow globe with a jar, water, and some glitter. The endless supply of online resources can help you brainstorm some quick and easy crafting ideas!


  1. Read Together

Bundling up and snuggling together while reading some of your kid's favorite stories is a quality way to spend time together. This encourages them to read whenever possible, and it is also a perfect opportunity to share your childhood winter stories with them. Plus, it helps them cognitively when you discuss and question the stories aloud.


5. Photo Fun!

Use the indoor time to create a homemade photo booth. Simply drape some sheets as the backdrop, put a chair in the middle, grab some funky props, and you're all set. Put together your own props using constructions paper and wooden sticks, or just find some old glasses, wigs, and scarves from around the house. Your kids will have a blast, and you'll have adorable pictures to show off. Say CHEESE!!



Winter does not have to be the hardest day of the year. With these fun-filled activities, you can create new memories that your children will remember forever.


2 Responses


December 31, 2016

Love the cards! My grandchildren came for Christmas, and they loved making them. thank you so much! BTW your products are such good quality. thanks again


December 29, 2016

Love the suggestions! Can’t wait to try out the photo booths with my little ones.

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