Finger Paint Your Own Holiday Cards!

DIY Painting Holiday Cards

Written & Designed by Jennifer Refat of

Why don't you try finger painting some holiday cards with your kids this holiday season? Super simple but super fun, the little ones will have a blast and you'll have adorable cards to give out! Plus, I'm sure your family and friends will agree that handmade holiday cards are much sweeter than the store bought ones! Just make sure to use washable paint so there's no ruined clothing or furniture.


  • Cardstock

  • Scissors

  • Acrylic paint

Holiday Cards

Since acrylic paint is fairly opaque, you can layer any color on top of each other.

This tutorial uses the dabbing method of using a bit of paint on a finger tip and dabbing the paper to create designs.

Christmas Cards


Step 1

Each cardstock sheet will make 2 cards. Take cardstock sheet and fold vertically in half and cut along fold.  Fold each half horizontally and now you have 2 blank cards to work with.

Step 2

Place acrylic paint on paper plates for easier access.  Cover entire work surface with a plastic fabric like a table cover so the mess is contained :)

Step 3a

To make the wreath card, start with making the outer ring in one shade of green.  Then, layer on a second ring in a darker shade of green.  Finally, add the red bow.

Step 3b

To make the Christmas tree card, start with painting the trunk.  Layer on the leaves and finally add the ornaments and the star at the top of the tree.

Step 3c

To make the snowflake card, start with sketching 3 lines intersecting so you have the basic 6-sided star shape to work from.  Layer on shades of whites and blues to create different snowflake patterns.

Step 4

Leave cards to dry overnight.  Once they’re dried, write a note and sign it and share it :)

If you feel inspired to make these holiday cards, please tag your photos #crafticProjects on social media.  They may be reposted (with your permission of course!)

To see more of Jennifer's great work check out her blog or beautiful Instagram.

Happy Crafting!

Snowflake Card

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  • These cards look super awesome, and my little one had a ball with the paint. (she did get a little messy though…:))

    • Emma L
  • I had no idea how much finger painting Holiday Cards can be until I tried it with my 3 year old. I highly recommend everyone to try this activity!